How I Deal With Difficult Emotions

challenges emotions Apr 13, 2015

How I deal with powerful emotions

What are the 10 most powerful emotions and how you have coped with them in the past?
Coming up with a list of 10 powerful emotions was a little tricky for me. While I can easily come up with 10 powerful emotions – (Love, Joy, Passion, etc.) the second half of the question made me think that we were to come up with negative emotions, which is much trickier for me to come up with!

I’d done a whole lot of personal work to really be mindful of what emotions
I am focusing on it at any point in the day. And that has included a lot of mediation and being really present.

So while I am human and I do still get all of these emotions I’d like to think that they don’t happen on a regular basis.

The way that I handle dealing with each of them is pretty much the same.

Whenever one of these 10 emotions seems to be creeping the first moment I become aware of it I take time to sit with it and see what it is within me, and or within this situation (or person) that is triggering this reaction. From there I need to meditate either by sitting in silence, journaling about the situation, or even going for a walk. Giving myself time to work through it and to understand why it is happening.

As I’m a big believer that when we do have an emotion that is affecting us in some negative way, that there is a lesson and a chance to learn and grow into a more “human” being.

So all that being said here are my 10 powerful (negative) emotions and how I cope with each of them.


When this emotion pops up it is because I am focusing more on external circumstances and not enough on the principle of perception (1 of the 3 basic tenants of stoicism) So I try and step back from the situation and take a 30k foot view to see the bigger picture of what is really happening and how this really fits into a bigger picture.


It means that I have not been “choosing myself” and not taking care of myself – getting enough sleep, eating healthy, taking care of my mental and emotional health, along my spiritual health.


I rarely get angry, but when I do I need to quickly take some time for myself to see what within my own nature is really the cause for the anger.


When I forget that I can manifest anything that I truly need or want in this world. I try and step back from the situation to see what is really the issue going on within me, so I can figure out what is at the root of this feeling.


I have a rule that when something bad happens, which I might feel like crying or being kind of bummed out. I’ll allow myself to be in the space but only for about 15 minutes, and then that is it! Because staying in the state will not solve anything or cause anything (that has happened in the past) to change. So it’s about allowing myself the space and then moving forward!


Forgetting that we live in an abundant universe and that in every moment all of our needs are always taken care of. And that thoughts become things, so if you focus on not having enough, then you will always get “not having enough”. That’s one of the basic laws of the universe.


Frustration pops up when I have attached an expected outcome to a situation and it didn’t go the way I expected it. And so I need to see what about that situation trigged my frustration, as I am the only one who can make myself frustrated. And I need to remember not to put expectations on events or situations but know that as long as I am giving my best, then the best possible outcome with happen. And not to worry about situations and events that are out of my control.


This emotion comes up when I forget that there is such a thing as divine timing. And just as a seed planted in the ground has to wait a certain amount of time to grow, so do many of the seeds in life that we plant. A reminder to slow down and keep doing the work, and that in due time the seeds that we planted will be rewarded.


Regret comes up when I start to worry about what has happened in the past. It means that I am forgetting that the “wake of the boat” does not “drive the boat” only by refocusing on the moment and getting back to being mindful of what is right in front of me can I move on from the feeling of regret.


Sometimes when I get really tired I have a tendency to get complacent, which means I just really don’t care one way or the other. And that’s not good because it means that I have “checked out” from being mindful about what is going in this moment. That I’m not taking ownership of my emotions, my actions, or the emotions or actions of others. So I need to step back from the situation and take a few moments to figure out why this emotion has come up, along with taking care of myself – either by getting some rest, taking a break from whatever is going on and or getting some nutritious food into my system.

There you have it. The 10 negative emotions and how I deal with getting out of them!

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