Outside Of My Comfort Zone

challenges idea machine May 05, 2015

Outside Of My Comfort Zone

Someone asked me the other day "What are 10 Crazy things that you did that were completely outside of your comfort zone. And what you learned from them."

That is a really interesting question for me, as I’m not so sure that I even have a “comfort zone”

Let me explain.

I feel that most people think that doing something outside your comfort zone would be something like skydiving (done that), learning to fly (check that off too!), jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean (yup, that too!) and the list goes on and on.

Those are all normal fun everyday things that I have done in my life. (There isn’t anything that I won’t try once if it looks fun to me.)

But then there are the things that I have done in my life that are SO far out of the “norm” that most people couldn’t or even wouldn’t ever imagine doing. (More on those in a minute!)

They seem perfectly normal (or worth the risk/challenge) to me because it would allow me to continue to follow my dreams/goals/mission.

I am always thinking about how I can grow as a person, and stay focused on my why. Which is “everything I do is to empower people to create an inspired life”.

And so I THRIVE on uncertainty and continuing to challenge myself on a regular basis.

Perhaps how I see this topic will all make more sense if I was to go ahead and list my 10 things. Now mind you, 99.99999999% of the world would consider these 10 things “outside the comfort zone”.

A. Buying a one-way ticket (to someplace outside the US) and having no clearly defined game plan on what was going to happen next, along with only having $100 in my pocket. But always knowing it would all work out, and that the very best adventures are the ones that aren’t planned.

B. Challenging DADT. Knowing that I was walking away from a full retirement if I had just kept my mouth shut for 4 more years.

C. Flying halfway around the world to meet 12 guys for the very first time, and 2 days later hop on a sailboat with them and race in the Rolex Sydney- Hobart yacht race.

D. Getting dropped off at an airport, but not having a ticket (nor the funds to purchase a ticket) and living at the airport for several days (or weeks in one instance) until I was able to figure out how to get a ticket.

E. Literally being down to my last penny and still happy as a clam, as it is just money and I’ve made it before I can make it again.

F. Living at SFO for six weeks straight, several years ago. I had been surrounding myself with friends who were materialistic and that was an unhealthy environment for me. So it called for some drastic measures. I learned so much about myself in that time, and was never once down or depressed. I remember one-day longing for some fresh flowers, but was once again down to my last pennies....so I drew myself some flowers. It is in the simplest of moments that we can find our greatest strengths. (The picture above is what I drew)

G. Never being afraid of biting off more than I can chew. As I believe that as long as I stay true and authentic to myself, that the tools, people, and resources needed to accomplish a goal, will always show up at the right time.

H. Being selected to crew a major Tony Robbins event, in which you were supposed to have previously attended as a participant. (So that you would know the flow, the procedures, the expected outcomes, etc.) but I had never attended before, as no one had ever thought to ask me. And then being selected for a leadership role....and pulling it all off. Only after the 3 weeks did they find out I had absolutely no previous experience and/or knowledge.

I. Never being afraid to sit in the front row (how you do anything, is how you do everything!), in fact ALWAYS sitting in the front row and being the one that is asking questions. Always wanting to learn, to grow, to challenge myself. Never ever be afraid to ask a question. Ever.

J. Spending Christmas and New Year living at DFW because I am determined to see my dream of getting the book I’mPossible written and am willing to do whatever it takes. Material things aren’t important to me....but figuring out how to empower people to create that inspired life of their own is important to me.

There is a common thread that connects all of these 10 items together along with my willingness to take huge risks in life. And that is faith. It’s a certainty that I will always be ok, and that I can never fail.

That’s why I live outside the comfort zone. It’s the only place where real growth happens.

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